1865 Johann Heinrich Müller founded a company in his home town Münchaurach. People would say, when the old “mill doctor” came to inspect a mill, he would already tell by the sound of the mechanism if there was something wrong and what it was.
1970 Georg Föckersperger started with the design, construction and production of Pipe and Cable Plows, Rocket Plows and WinchTrucks. The Föckersperger Pipe and Cable Plow System is meanwhile well known all over the world.
1988 Introduction of the CNC technology. Start of a new, future-oriented branch: the production of precision parts for our own machinery, industry and motor sports.
2005 Due to the company’s succession, the Georg Föckersperger GmbH is turned into the Günter Föckersperger GmbH for the CNC production branch and the Frank Föckersperger GmbH for the area Cable Plow.
2008 Foundation of the subsidiary Föckersperger Maschinen GmbH.
2009 IHK Innovation Award, category “Market success and Quality”.
2011 Presentation of the new WinchTruck F780 and the new Pipe and Cable Plow SPIDER F220.
2014 Development of the strongest high-performance Pipe and Cable Plow SPIDER F250.
2015 150th company anniversary.